GPAS is providing two services below.

GNSS Augmentation Service via the Internet

By-the-centimeter augmentation message (orbit and clock correction) made available via the internet at anytime and from anywhere in the world.

Consulting Service

GPAS provides a wide range of consultation service, including technical consultation for usage of the augmentation message provided by GPAS and advice for starting new businesses.

1. GNSS Augmentation Service via the Internet

Service Menu

Basic Service Augmentation ProductReal-time SSR stream (no FCB)
SSR file download (no FCB)
Basic + FCB Service
FCB : Fractional Cycle Bias
Augmentation ProductReal-time SSR stream (incl. FCB)
SSR file download (incl. FCB)
Ephemeris Service Augmentation ProductUltra-Rapid / Rapid / Final Interfaceplease inquire

To receive service, User Registration is required.

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User Category

For Research and Development / Academic Usage User type : Closed Research and Development within National Research Institutes, Universities, and private Companies. Category A Providable ServiceBasic Service
Basic + FCB Service
Ephemeris Service
For Joint Research with GPAS User type : Organizations willing to jointly research with GPAS to provide benefit each other. Category B Providable ServiceIndividual Consultation
For Commercial Use User type : Companies interested in the sales or development of products that use GPAS services. Category C Providable ServiceIndividual Consultation

Service Price

Service price includes initial registration fee and distribution fee for each category based on GPAS price guidelines.
Please contact GPAS for quotations.

How to Use the Service

For "Category A" users

Requirements : Positioning Software*1, GNSS Receiver*2, GNSS Antenna and PC

  1. Install positioning software to PC
  2. Connect PC, GNSS Receiver, and GNSS Antenna
  3. Configure positioning software to receive GNSS data from GNSS Receiver and augmentation from GPAS
  4. Run a positioning software
  5. Preferable Positioning Software can be prepared by each user. Or, software (GSOK) can be purchased from GPAS at request.
  6. GNSS Receiver with output of L1/L2 observation data in RTCM format can be used for GPAS service. GNSS receivers with embedded positioning software shown below are also available for sale.

GNSS receivers compatible with GPAS service

Magellan Systems Japan, Inc.


Format Specifications of GPAS's Augmentation

MADOCA Interface Specifications (Japanese)

MADOCA Interface Specifications (English)

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product Interval RTCM Message
Estimation Provide GPS GLONASS QZSS
Orbit correction 30 1 1057 1063 1246
Clock correction 1 1 1058 1064 1247
HR-Clock correction 1 1 1062 1068 1251
URA 1 1 1061 1067 1250

Providing of correction data as "Centimeter Level Augmentation Service for Experiment" with QZSS

Providing of correction data from QZSS is also ongoing.

More Information

2. Consulting Service

Consultation service and technical support are available for various stages of the business.
Please feel free to contact us.

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