Business Overview

Business Overview

GPAS will be providing augmentation message including precise satellite orbit and clock correction information that will enable world-wide users to implement centimeter-class positioning.
Augmentation message is generated using JAXA's positioning technology, MADOCA.

By applying an augmentation message of precise satellite orbit and clock correction, a centimeter-class GNSS positioning accuracy can be achieved.

Message providing via the internet

GPAS augmentation service is available at anytime and from anywhere in the world via the internet.

Augmentation message is generated using JAXA's positioning technology, MADOCA*. Satellite orbit and clock correction are estimated accurately, and the estimated values are provided as augmentation message via the internet.
* MADOCA : Multi-GNSS Advanced Demonstration tool for Orbit and Clock Analysis

Service areas where utilization is expected

The service is expected to be utilized in a wide range of usage including autonomous driving, driving assistance for vehicles, machines, agricultural equipment, auto pilot for ships, drones, as well as various applications for smartphones and games.


Autonomous driving, advanced driver assistance, etc.

Relieving traffic congestions, reduction in traffic accidents and improvement in public transport services, etc.


Smart Agriculture (agricultural equipment auto-drive, growth management and pesticide spraying using drones, etc.)

Improve productivity, achieve higher efficiency and accuracy, substitution for labor shortage due to retirement, etc.


IT construction (construction equipment auto-drive, surveying, work progress management, etc.)

Contributing to high-efficient and high-precision construction, improved productivity, quality assurance, etc.


Autopilot, efficient use of airspace, smart logistics, etc.

Smart agriculture, improved home delivery service, efficient infrastructure operation & maintenance activities, etc.


Smart ship (auto-sailing, auto-pier docking and undocking), tsunami measurement, etc.

Support for safer and efficient ship navigation, contributing to disaster prevention measures through tsunami detectors etc.


Augmentation service for everyday life (social welfare services, disaster prevention, tourism, games, etc.)

For a safer and better life by providing services for personal location, aiding people with disabilities, evacuation assistance during natural disasters, guidance for places of interest, etc.